Inclusion Body Myositis (IBM)

Swallowing difficulties

  • Dietary supplements or a gastrostomy feeding tube may be necessary.
  • In combination with respiratory weakness, there is an increased risk of aspiration pneumonia.
  • Swallowing difficulties may be temporarily worsened by intercurrent or systemic illness.

Medication and anaesthetic precautions

  • Local anaesthetics and nitrous oxide are safe (for example, for minor dental procedures).
  • Statins are usually well tolerated but caution should be exercised at high doses. There is a risk of side-effects in the muscles, which will exacerbate existing muscle weakness.
  • Immunisations should be kept up-to-date, including flu vaccine.
  • Immunosuppression does not help the majority of patients with IBM and should only be given under expert neuromuscular care.
Reprinted with permission of Muscular Dystrophy UK.  Reviewed by Dr J Wilmshurst, Head of Paediatric Neurology, Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital